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The first PixelBlocks community on LiveJournal

2/21/06 08:41 pm - eterri - Mario, Luigi, and Guybrush Threepwood

Richard (my fiance) made these recently. I'm still trying to get the hang of designing my own stuff and ...I'm not having much luck. Someday you will see me post my own masterpiece though! >.> Maybe. Anyone else find that that 1200 piece set is still not quite enough?

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1/15/06 03:33 am - cerala - PixelBlocks for sale once again at ThinkGeek!

I know this is a little belated, but if anyone has been keeping up with the info page for the community, they would have seen that a while ago I listed ThingGeek as no longer selling PixelBlocks. Well, they're back! I actually noticed it a while ago, but only just now remembered to post it here and update the info page. Sorry for the delay! Hope anyone who is still having trouble finding the wonderful 'Blocks is able to get what they need at ThinkGeek. :)

// Cerala, Community Maintainer

8/7/05 06:23 pm - czircon - PixelBlocks

I've been looking around for the 1400 or 2800-piece "all colors" boxes of PixelBlocks, but nobody seems to have them in stock (if they're listed at all), and you can't order them direct from the PixelBlocks web site. Anyone know where I could actually order these (other than ebay)?

1/3/05 05:50 am - cerala - Testing 2.

Testing 2. Testing 2. Testing 2.

1/3/05 05:47 am - cerala - Testing

Testing. Testing. Testing.
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