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The first PixelBlocks community on LiveJournal

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Created: January 03, 2005

Creator / Maintainer: cerala
Co-maintainers: cipri

[>] Place images and/or long entries under an LJ-cut.
[>] Stay relatively on-topic; this is a community about PixelBlocks, not Legos (for instance), even if they are similar.
[>] Be sure to check your entries for any broken tags before (or just after) posting to avoid breaking anyone's friends page.
[>] Be respectful; keep criticism constructive.

    Where to Buy
[>] PixelBlocks Online - Retail Locations & Online Store (Third menu on the left.)
[>] ThinkGeek :: PixelBlocks (Available once again!)
[>] Google's Froogle Search for PixelBlocks

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